What’s the deal with the toilet paper?

I have been away from this too long, and I apologize. There have been several triggers for tonight’s blog, first and foremost among them has been the need for us to cancel our first concert. After all of the work and attention to detail . . . after doing everything possible on the legal side to make sure we are operating properly . . . after searching so long and diligently for a suitable home, we have a virus. I do not intend to make light of this COVID-19 virus in any way. People over 65 years old are in danger with most of the deaths occurring among those who are in their eighties. I am 67.5. The things that are being done in our country to avoid further spread of the virus are appropriate and necessary. Considering all of the things I have had to do and to tolerate to get this show on the road, if I could have stopped the virus, I would have. I am relatively sure that the measures being taken will have positive results down the road, but not immediately. My greater fear has to do with the next virus. They seem to crop up every year, and our ability to fight them has been consistently behind the curve while the viruses become more deadly. So, for all of you who wanted to see if we could pull this season off with a wind band that sounds truly professional, I apologize. Our next chance is May 17. That, unfortunately, is not a sure bet. We are considering adding a make-up date sometime in late September or early October.

I did go shopping this afternoon, hedging my bets I suppose. The shelves were well stocked–even the cleaning supplies. But then I hit the paper goods aisle. There was no toilet paper. Then I recalled we has a virus, but I know it is not a stomach virus. What are people thinking? I would much rather have an oversupply of hand lotion to use after I wash my hands raw with soap and water. Or, how about a supply of fine wine? It has been mentioned that alcohol kills the virus. Well then heck, let’s go for Wild Turkey 101. But toilet paper? There are so many alternatives to that product, Spanish moss not withstanding. People using that much toilet paper are going to clog their commodes. And now we have come full circle. Clog rhymes with blog, and I was then reminded what I had not done for so long. Call it writer’s constipation.

1 thought on “What’s the deal with the toilet paper?

  1. Good morning John, If there is anything that will get us through all of this, it is our faith in God and our sense of humor amid all the craziness.

    Take care and regards to Alisa.


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