But not without difficulties

First, sorry for not writing in such a long time. The purpose of having a blog is to blog, and I have not been blogging due to the many details putting this project together. I reach a saturation point where I must move on to something else or explode my head. Perhaps you can relate. The first difficulty is, in spite of completing over 74 auditions, we still do not have a functioning band, and that means we do not have a product. Without a product, it is very difficult to raise funds, particularly sponsorships and patronage. Money is needed to set up a business address, to incorporate ($25.00), to establish 501c3 not-for-profit status, to pay for a website, to pay for professional web design, (the “to’s” will continue invisibly) a professionally designed logo, staff help, facility expenses and then, most of all, we would like to pay the players. The conductor would like to be paid eventually. So we begin this project on a “faith promise” with the hope that we will quickly deliver a high quality product that is found to be desirable by a significant number of audience members. We begin this product knowing that the seated players share the vision of having a professional wind band in Kansas City to the point that they are willing to play for no guarantee of compensation in the first year. If possible, after much focused work in the direction of producing revenue, player compensation could happen. It just cannot be promised. It is the writer’s opinion that the ensemble should not continue into future seasons without the assurance of some player compensation. It may not come close to union scale, but it must be something. In five years, if this organization is not achieving a per service remuneration close to union scale, the whole idea of a professional wind band in Kansas City must be rethought.

Those are not unreasonable goals for the future. It does look like we have found a perfect match in terms of rehearsal and concert facilities. The location is excellent. A general announcement should be made about the identity of the new home shortly. Most of the seats in the band are filled. With the exception of the oboe section, we could proceed to give a concert with the existing instrumentation (not ideal, but possible). Our board of directors is on the verge of completing the necessary paperwork for our various applications and has been a terrific source of philosophical support and physical assistance. We will be identifying firm concert dates with detailed programs soon after naming our home, and we are all looking forward to the first time we play together as an ensemble. Judging from the auditions, it is going to be an excellent band.

I will attempt to be more regular with these missives. If I fail to do anything over the next several days, it might have something to do with holidays. On behalf of the Heart of America Winds, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year. Well, I guess I will write again before the new year. Be safe.

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